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Special Screenings

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Live Events and Tribute Screenings

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In celebration of the commencement of the Old Town Taito International Comedy Film Festival, the festival invites the Farrelly Brothers, the globally-acclaimed comedy figures also familiar to Japanese comedy film fans. In this special program, after the screening of There's Something about Mary (1998), the audience will have a chance to learn more about Mr. Farrellys with the directors themselves; their works, their creative processes, and their filmmaking philosophies.

Photo by Hibiki Tokiwa

An absolute worship of "silly films" hosted by Jun Miura, one of the most influential figures over Japanese subculture since 80s. In this special program, Jun Miura takes the audience and Seiko Ito to the charming, addictive world of "silly films" in his own unique manner. No one knows what will happen...

A seminar on the genius comedian Norihei Miki (1924 - 1999) with special screenings of his works. In the program, Fumio Takada, who enjoyed friendship with the genius of comedy while he was alive, restudies Miki as a comedian, actor and stage director. Miki's first son, Norikazu Kobayashi, and Seiko Ito will join Takada's talk.

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A seminar on the Marx Brothers, the most powerful comedy team in history and special screenings of their works. Their charms will be restudied by Seiko Ito, who is also known as the translation supervisor of "Marx Radio". A versatile creator and expert on the Brothers, Keralino Sandorovich will join Ito's talk.

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Shoichi Ozawa has long entertained his spectators with his versatile, eccentric performances in more than 200 films. Besides activities in the cinema, he has been active in various areas of entertainment, such as researching folk entertainment, pop songs, playing music on the harmonica, and more. It is a great pleasure for us to present to him the Comedy Award of Honor. Come enjoy the special screenings of works by actor Shoichi Ozawa, specially selected by the man himself!

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This year 2008 is the 80th anniversary of the birth of Kiyoshi Atsumi, and the 13th year after his death. In fact, Atsumi acted in a number of comedy films before he became "Tora san." However, Atsumi rejected many offers to appear in other films after the start of the Otoko ha Tsurai yo series as he wanted to protect the image the fans of "Tora san" held of him. In this special program, we feature the actor Kiyoshi Atsumi - a skilled genius of comedy more than just a national icon, "Tora san."


His Excellency Demon Kogure, a wizard of Japanese popular culture while being a virtuoso of traditional culture, appears on the SHITA COME stage as Benshi, a film speaker. As his stage counterpart H. E. Demon chose a Satsuma-style lute player, Kakushin Tomoyoshi, with whom H. E. Demon has performed numerous live shows in his vigorous collaborative activities with Japanese traditional music and art performers. This time, together with Kakushin, H. E. Demon challenges old monochromatic silent films, giving a katsuben performance. (H. E. Demon will give the narrative during the screening accompanied by Kakushin's lute performance.) This event is also packed with a music performance by H. E. Demon and Kakushin and the screening of H. E. Demon's director and screenplay debut film. Seiko Ito will also be giving an address from the stage with the two.

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Comedy film screenings for parents and children to enjoy together!

Local Support Program

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In the Local-Support Film section, the festival presents the world-premiere screening of the challenging a film set in Asakusa. The scenes were all shot on a dioramic setting, and roles played by immobile dolls. Recreating the atmosphere of the old silent films, it was spiced up with a katsuben performance by a female benshi, Koyata Aso. The diorama and dolls were created by Mr. Takaki Yamamoto, the pioneer in the genre of "retro diorama." A unique, new type of film with a great mix of modern art, science and technology.

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The 99th film starting Show Aikawa, the Emperor of V Cinema. Set in the old town Asakusa, filled with heartwarming episodes, Decotora no Shu/ Matsuri Bayashi is the first episode of the non-stop, full-throttle truck comedy series you can laugh and cry over!


The final stage for the seven comedians who survived the ruthlessly competitive rounds in "Audition for Young Comedians" on 14th Sept. and the consolation match held on the same day. What they aim for is the glory of Grand-Prix and the award cash! Mr. Fumio Takada, Mr. Seiko Ito, Mr. Minoru Hasegawa (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc.) will act as the jury members.

Eight groups of comedians who could not make it at the audition at the SHITA COME Preliminary Events in September will be performing. The audience will vote for the group who will come back to the match and perform at the final round at the Asakusa Public Hall on the same day.

Local foods of Satsuma such as brown vinegar, brown sugar, Kurobuta pork, Kurogyu beef, black sesame, and black soybeans... Come and try out the many black food products enriching the lives of people in Satsuma at Satsuma Shyokusai Market with many specialty products of Satsuma including vegetables grown with black, fertile soil, nurtured by the Kuroshio Japan Current.
*Additive-free sausages to the first 100 visitors each day during this 3-day event!

Come and enjoy the various performances of the street performers like a toy box full of toys! Their shows, music and acrobatic performances will thrill all your five senses.

In 1901, the first car race in Japan was hosted on a course encircling the Shinobazu Pond in the Ueno Onshi Park. Ueno is no doubt the birthplace of car races in Japan. Over 30 classic cars will be assembled at Ueno and parade around Taito City.