Jun Miura & Seiko Ito

23rd November 2008 (Sun) Start : 18:30
Asakusa Public Hall

Photo by Hibiki Tokiwa

An absolute worship of "silly films" hosted by Jun Miura, one of the most influential figures over Japanese subculture since 80s who runs a serial about silly films on the cult film magazine, "Eiga Hiho". In this special program, Jun Miura takes the audience and Seiko Ito to the charming, addictive world of "silly films" in his own unique manner: in addition to the revival of his famous Slide Show with Seiko Ito, Miura exposits a variety of scrap footage of monsters, specters, and cultural porn with his eccentric observing points. No one knows what will happen...

* "SHITA COME Intermission Laughter Award 2008" will be held before the start of the program.


Jun Miura , Seiko Ito