Decotora no Shu/ Matsuri Bayashi

22nd November 2008 (Sat.) Open 13:30 Start 14:00
Asakusa Chuei Theater

Mr. Show Aikawa (lead actor), Mr. Hirotoshi Eto (supporting actor), Mr. Hideyuki Katsuki (director), and Mr. Tamegoro Sudo (planning producer and actor) will appear on stage after the screening of the film.

©2003 Mitsuru Shimizu/ Office Sanyo

2003/ Japan/ 85 min.

An invitation from that place of memories and nostalgia - a comedy film full of laughter and tears that resonates with our emotions.

The 99th film starting Show Aikawa, the Emperor of V Cinema. Set in the old town Asakusa, filled with heartwarming episodes, Decotora no Shu/ Matsuri Bayashi is the first episode of the non-stop, full-throttle truck comedy series you can laugh and cry over!

DirectorHideyuki Katsuki
CastShow Aikawa, Rin Kozue, Shingo Yanagisawa
Story Decorated truck driver Shuichiro Hida returns to his hometown once every year during the Sanja Festival. When he goes home this year, he meets Lucy, who has come to Japan in search of her estranged father and falls in love with her at first sight. Together with his driver buddies, Shuichiro sets out on a mission to find her father, but the bag she kept the only photograph of him in is stolen…