Heaven Artists

22 - 23 November (Sat. - Sun.), 13:00 - 18:30 After the sunset, a night party will be held on both days
Fountain Square at the Ueno Onshi Park

Artistic street performers gather in Ueno to celebrate SHITA COME!

Come and enjoy the various performances of the street performers like a toy box full of toys! Their shows, music and acrobatic performances will thrill all your five senses.

Chinese Acrobatic Performance TroupePerformance by the selected members of an acrobatic performance troupe. New entertainment with breathtaking, eye-widening skills!

Mami KanoWith a pop song accompaniment, an eccentric woman appears acting like a stalker. Do you call this entertainment? Or art?

PranoiWhite balls beautifully dance in the air to the nostalgic tunes of the accordion, gently adding colors to the flow of time.

HIBI Chazz-KBrings to you the happy tunes of all-time favorite masterpieces and jazz music with a twist of original arrangement.

G Choco Marble A comical acrobatic show by this pair is slapstick comedy with a refined technique.

SlayersA white demon of over 3 meters and a red little boy from the ancient times tour around the venue.

Shoshika TaisakuFive members walking around the venue, play lively, amusing music and entertain the audience.

* Shoshika Taisaku is not a Tokyo Metropolitan Government's registered Heaven Artist.