Knocked Up

24th November 2008 (Mon. Holiday) Open: 10:00, Start: 10:20
Asakusa Public Hall

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2007 /USA/129 min./Toho-Towa Company, Ltd.

Another film brought to you by the magnificent staff and cast of The 40-Year-Old Virgin. A recordsetting comedy film that ranked in the top 10 for seven straight weeks upon its release in the US, and drew in a remarkable 1.5 billion yen of revenue while competing against a number of major works. The usual suspects bring to you another full dose of excessive humor! An extremely upbeat comedy film full of losers, all starting from one exceptional hookup!

DirectorJudd Apatow
CastSeth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann
StoryFat, rude, and broke... Ben is a classic loser wasting his life goofing off with his "business partners" trying to make it big by running a porn film website. One night, however, Ben scores a hot one-night stand with a girl he miraculously hooked up with when they were both wasted. A lucky break for him, a life-wrecking mistake for her. She never kept in touch with him, but he suddenly receives a call from her two months later - to deliver the most unexpected, mind-blowing news: she is pregnant!