24th November 2008 (Mon. Holiday) Open: 16:00, Start: 16:30
Asakusa Public Hall

The screening will open with the dance performance by "The Love Guru Indian Dance Troop" and the address by Koichi Yamadera (voice actor often dubbing Mike Myers' voice for Japanese versions).

©2008 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

2008 /USA /87 min. /Paramount Pictures Japan

Silliness surpassing Austin Powers blows up!

A nonsense comedy that will make you laugh your head off starring Mike Myers, everyone's favorite comedian from the AUSTIN POWERS series. The stupidity just keeps on coming in the situations this American guru who trained in India gets himself into. Co-starring Jessica Alba, the sexy beauty from SIN CITY. Don't miss the remarkable performances by the hot-shot Justin Timberlake as if he were possessed by a love guru of his own, and also that of a surprise guest star!

DirectorMarco Schnabel
CastMike Myers, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake
StoryPitka is an American raised by gurus at an orphanage in India, trained in martial arts, and taught the philosophies of enlightenment and spirituality. Travelling to the US for fame and fortune, he earns himself the title, "The Love Guru." Into his life comes a striking beauty - Jane, the owner of a professional ice hockey team. Jane is gradually attracted to Pitka's calmness in the face of the coaches who despise him and the many problems he encounters, and she finds herself falling for him...