Fumio Takada's Comedy Film Seminar on Norihei Miki

23rd November 2008 (Sun.) Open : 12:30 / Start : 13:00
Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan

A seminar featuring the genius comedian of the Showa period, Norihei Miki!

A seminar on the genius comedian Norihei Miki (1924 - 1999) with special screenings of his works.

Because of his firmly-built skill as a comedian and his charisma attributed to his warm personality, Norihei Miki had been long loved by ordinary people in Japan while highly acclaimed by many first-rate film professionals including the legendary film speaker, Musei Tokugawa.

In this special program, Fumio Takada, who enjoyed friendship with the genius of comedy while he was alive, restudies Miki as a comedian, actor and stage director. Miki's first son, Norikazu Kobayashi, and Seiko Ito will join Takada's talk on stage.


Seiko Ito


Fumio Takada, Norikazu Kobayashi


The Show Must Go On (1962), Jirocho Igaiden Haikagura no Santaro (1957)

The Show Must Go On
(1962/ Japan/ 84 min.)

A film adaptation of the stage play with the same name that was a great hit at the time. A slapstick comedy about Kumono ue Dangoro Troupe, a road company with exceptional members. All the actors play five roles each. Don't miss the amusing performance of Norihei Miki playing a female role.

Director : Nobuo Aoyagi
Cast : Kenichi Enomoto, Sakai Frankie, Norihei Miki, Mutoshi Happa, Yoshie Mizutani

The Show Must Go On

(C)1962 TOHO CO., LTD.

Jirocho Igaiden Haikagura no Santaro
(1957 / Japan / 53min.)

A historical comedy film just helplessly funny, loaded with comical features where Norihei Miki at the height of his career with Toho's musicals played Haikagura no Santaro, one of the rather dorky gang members under Jirocho.

Director : Nobuo Aoyagi
Cast : Norihei Miki, Fubuki Koshiji, Hisako Koyanagi, Hisaya Morishige, Toru Yuri

Jirocho Igaiden Haikagura no Santaro

(C)1957 TOHO CO., LTD.