You don’t mess with the Zohan

23rd November 2008 (Sun.) Open: 13:00, Start: 13:30
Asakusa Public Hall

Mr. Hideo Saito (the chief editor of DVD VISION) and Ms. Saori Ito (film personality) discuss the charms of American comedy before the screening!

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2008/ USA/ 113 min./ Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan), Inc.

This is the latest work from Adam Sandler, who is known for his wide repertoire of roles, from comical to serious characters. The film ranked second in the US upon its premiere, and in the top 20 for the annual box office revenue in the US for 2008. Co-starring John Turturro, with Mariah Carey also making an appearance in the film playing herself. Definitely the ultimate spy action comedy film!

DirectorDennis Dugan
CastAdam Sandler, John Turturro, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mariah Carey, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider
Story Zohan is a super-agent who makes short work of his enemies using his extraordinary physical abilities. But his secret dream is to become a hairstylist! Having spent night after night admiring his scissors, the chance to become a hairstylist in New York arrives. As a charismatic hairstylist, he is much loved and popular among the elderly women who enjoy his many unorthodox techniques. Then his old enemy arrives on the scene! How will Zohan handle this crisis?