Comedy Award of Honor: Special Screenings of Works by Conte 55-Go

24 September (Thu)   Open: 15:00/ Start: 15:30   Conte 55-Go Seiki no Daijakuten, 25 September (Fri)   Open: 11:00/ Start: 11:30   Conte 55-Go Ore ha Ninja no Mago no Mago, 25 September (Fri)   Open: 15:30/ Start: 16:00   Ore ha Netakatta!!
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Conte 55-Go takes the rostrum at the Comedy Award of Honor Awarding Ceremony during the Closing Ceremony which starts at 18:30pm, 25 September (Fri) at the Asakusa Public Hall!

The Ultimate Conte 55-Go Collection!! That Comedy Again on the Big Screen!
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Conte 55-Go
We have created the “Comedy Award of Honor” to support the forerunners of comedy in handing down their passion for comedy to the next generation of up-and-coming comedians. In our second year, it is our pleasure to present the award to Conte 55-Go, who formed in Asakusa in 1966 and still continue to entertain many people to this day. In commemoration, we are screening three rare films where you can enjoy their sense of humor to the fullest. These films hardly appear on the big screen today, and include Ore ha Netakatta!! – with direction, production, writing and music all by Kinichi Hagimoto.

Conte 55-Go Seiki no Daijakuten
(1968/Japan/87 min./TOHO CO., LTD.)
Director: Yoshinori WADA
Cast: CONTE 55-GO, Anne MARI, Hideyo AMAMOTO, Toru YURI
The story starts when a journalist and a photographer from a weekly magazine stumble upon a manuscript of a masterpiece novel. The mischievous duo create an imaginary female writer and publish the novel in a magazine under her name, which becomes a great sensation…This is the first film from Conte 55-Go with a must-watch, exceptional cast lineup including Yuya Uchida and Shoji Otake, and packed with rare Showa period customs and styles such as Yuya Uchida showing off his go-go dance in a mushroom haircut.

Conte 55-Go Seiki no Daijakuten

Conte 55-Go Ore ha Ninja no Mago no Mago
(1969/Japan/81 min./TOHO CO., LTD. )
Director: Jun FUKUDA
Cast: CONTE 55-GO, Yukiko KASHIWAGI, Junzaburo BAN, Toru YURI
The descendant of a Koga ninja, Jiro, and the descendant of an Iga ninja, Kinichi, have a showdown, where Kinichi loses to the hoax ninja tricks of Jiro. The rumor spreads and they get played as pawns of politicians…Depicted in the extraordinary comical storyline is a political quagmire engulfing two major political parties absolutely unimaginable at the time! The film is based on the original story “Ninpou Souden 73” written by Futaro Yamada.
Conte 55-Go Ore ha Ninja no Mago no Mago

Ore ha Netakatta!!
(1970/Japan/80 min./SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd.)
Director: Kinichi HAGIMOTO
Cast: CONTE 55-GO, Tetsuo ISHIDATE, Akira NAGOYA, Takehiko MAEDA, Tonpei HIDARI, Junzaburo BAN, Yukio AOSHIMA, Sayuri YOSHINAGA
Hagimoto is deprived of sleep, as something always comes up when he tries to rest. One day he narrowly cheats death as a car crashes into a railing while trying to avoid hitting him as he wanders onto the street like a ghost. Hagimoto tries to raise a child who lost his parents in this accident…The ultimate comedy film, Hagimoto having sworn he would make “the audience laugh 120 times during the film.” It is a work full of drive, loaded with various innovative methods, including the use of subtitles.
Ore ha Netakatta!!