Special Screening : DACHIMAWA LEE

23 September 2009 (Wed/ National Holiday) Open: 13:00/ Start: 13:20
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SHITA COME’s General Creative Producer, Seiko Ito, who also supervised the Japanese subtitles of the film for this screening, addresses at the end of the program. Please enjoy!

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Advance 1,300 yen/ At the door 1,500
(General seating)
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©2008 Showbox/Mediaplex, Inc.
One of the fresh new talents of Korean action films, Director Ryoo Seung-wan Ryoo is referred to as the “Korean Tarantino” due to his career both in front of and behind the camera. This time, he broke free from the typical pattern of traditional action films and produced an outlandish spy comedy film with original style and exaggerated action as a homage to the Korean films of the 60s and 70s. Based on a short film with the same title and directed by Ryoo himself, which gained more than one million accesses in 2000 when it was streamed on internet. “Dachimawa Lee” originates from the Japanese word “tachimawari (theatrical combat),” and the gibberish Japanese spoken in the film is a “method” used in old Korean films. The Japanese subtitles have been supervised by Seiko Ito this time.


(2008/South Korea/99 min./World Sales by Showbox/Mediaplex, Inc.)
Director: RYOO Seung-wan
Cast: LIM Won-hee, KONG Hyo-jin, PARK Si-yeon. HWANG Bo-ra, TYOO Seung-bum, KIM Byeong Ok
In 1940, the national treasure of Korea, the Golden Buddha is stolen. A Korean spy, Agent Dachimawa Lee, is assigned the recovery mission, but fails on his first attempt. To make matters worse, he loses his partner and his own memory. However, when learning that it was a setup by an insider, he is consumed by anger and swears revenge. He then goes to face the man behind this conspiracy. Will Dachimawa Lee recover his memory and complete his mission? Who is the backstabber? The overtly passionate and dramatic performance will have viewers convulsing with laughter!