Special Screening Gao Xing -International Premiere-

-International Premiere-
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The Rap-Musical Comedy from China Finally Lands in Japan!
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Gao Xing
©2009 Filmko Entertainment Limited 提供
Starring Guo Tao, a proficient actor loved in China, this sidesplitting comedy was released during the 2009 new-year season and became a smash hit in China. Director Ah Gan, known as the pioneer of Chinese horror films, made a real story into a charming rap-musical comedy. The title and the protagonist’s name “Gao Xing” means “delight” and “happiness”. The supporting actress, TIAN Yuan, who enjoys overwhelming popularity as a singer and actress in China, has just debuted in Japan this June with her 2nd novel.


Gao Xing
(2009/China/102 min./World Sales by Filmko Films Distribution (Hong Kong) Limited)
Director: AH Gan
Cast: GUO Tao, FENG Li, TIAN Yuan, HAI Yi Tian, HUANG Bo, MIAO Pu, CHEUNG Tat Ming, LAM Sue
Gao Xing Liu, a farmer from the countryside has come to Xi’an in search of a job. He strives to fit in to the city life but fails and ends up making a living by collecting trash. Yet he still has a dream of someday flying an airplane he builds from a bicycle in the vast sky. One day, Gao Xing falls in love with a masseuse and works hard for her, but then his friend Wu Fu falls ill. Gao Xing promises Wu Fu they will “fly over Xi’an Castle in his handmade airplane while watching the Yellow River far beneath them,” but…Will the two be able to successfully fly the airplane and escape their lowly life?

Gao Xing