Guests’ Arrival by Water and the Red Carpet Procession

2009/9/22(火・祝)開催時間16:00 – 17:30
Asakusa Pier – Kaminarimon Gate – Asakusa Public Hall 

The Red Carpet Gala from the Kaminarimon Gate to the Senso-ji Temple, which was a talking point last year, returns this year with a new twist – “Guests’ Arrival by Water and the Red Carpet Procession”! The guests will arrive on a cruiser down the Sumida River with live festival music. They then will board a trolley bus with an open deck and head to the Kaminarimon Gate. The photo session in front of the Gate is a must-see event! The guests will again take the trolley bus down to Orange-dori. To top it off, they will parade down the red carpet to Asakusa Public Hall. But rumor has it that they may have some twists and turns on their way…We hope you enjoy the show!

== Red Carpet Gala ==