Voice Actors' Live Stage in SHITA COME 2009

25 September 2009 (Fri) Open: 18:00/ Start: 18:30
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Festival’s Closing Ceremony starting at 18:30pm precedes “Voice Actors' Live Stage in SHITA COME 2009”. The Closing Ceremony includes the Awarding Ceremony of the Comedy Award of Honor in which Conte 55-GO takes the rostrum, as well as the Awarding Ceremony of the short film competition, “SHITA COME GRAND PRIZE 2009”.

World-Class Voice Actors’ Performances Revive Classic Masterpieces!
Ticket information
Advance 2,000 yen/ At the door 2,300
(Reserved seats only)
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Voice Performars
The “Voice Actors’ Live Stage” loved by many last year as the preliminary event returns with even more power! This time, the slapstick comedy Kid Commotion, directed by the god of Japanese comedy, Torajiro Saito, and The Adventurer will be screened with the voice performances by a band of such popular voice actors as Shinsuke Chikaishi, Michio Hazama, Koichi Yamadera and Kikuko Inoue. Also look forward to a talk show featuring the voice actors while screening the rare piece, Chaplin’s Blooper Reels.

Voice Performance: Shinsuke CHIKAISHI, Michio HAZAMA, Koichi YAMADERA, Kikuko INOUE
Supported by: Chaplin Society of Japan, Matsuda Film Productions, Yamaha Corporation
Planned and Produced by:Mouvement Co., Ltd.

Kid Commotion
(1935/Japan/34 min./SHOCHIKU Co.,Ltd.)
Director: Torajiro SAITO
Cast: Shigeru OGURA, Yaeko IZUMO
Voice Performance: Shinsuke CHIKAISHI, Michio HAZAMA, Kikuko INOUE
Music by: Toshio MASUDA (electone)
The Fukuda family has many kids, but the head of the family is out of job and his wife could go into labor yet again any minute now. He runs around trying to scrape money together, without much luck. The town descends into chaos as a reward is put on a pig that escaped…

Kid Commotion
Chaplin's Blooper Reels (Talk Show)
Guests: Hiroyuki ONO (President, the Chaplin Society of Japan), Shinsuke CHIKAISHI, Michio HAZAMA, Koichi YAMADERA, Kikuko INOUE
Moderator: Michio Hazama
In the show, the voice actors discuss the origin of comedy with the president of the Chaplin Society of Japan while watching very rare Chaplin's Blooper Reels. Please enjoy the discussion reflecting the silent film era.
The Adventurer
(1917/USA/22 min./Mutual Film Corporation)
Director: Charles CHAPLIN
Voice Performance: Koichi YAMADERA
Music by: Toshio MASUDA (electone)
Supported by: The Chaplin Society of Japan, Yamaha Corporation
Charlie breaks out of prison and is invited to the mansion of a young lady who he accidently saves from drowning. But he gets cornered as his true identity as a jail breaker is revealed by her fiancé, who saw him in a newspaper article!
The Adventurer