Short Film Competition : SHITA COME Grand Prize 2009

23 September 2009 (Wed/Holiday) Open: 15:45/ Start: 16:00
Asakusa Chuei Theater 

The First Competition in SHITA COME! Which Work will Win the Honor of the Grand Prize?
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Advance 1,000 yen/ At the door 1,200
(General seating)
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SHITA COME Grand Prize 2009
We received a great variety of original comedy works up to 20 minutes in length for the SHITA COME Grand Prize 2009, the first film competition we host at SHITA COME this year. Screened at the film festival are the top ten most nominated works! All have different styles but are works of genius pursuing “comedy” through film and video productions.
Which work will win the hearts of the jury and the honor of the Grand Prize? The audience members at the screening, please also become judges to decide the “Audience Award”!
At the end of the program, two works specially recommended by Seiko Ito are also scheduled to be screened: SEAFOOD GIRL MAIKO (directed by Ryutaro Kajino) and Fingers of Lovestory (directed by Masaya Kakehi). Also look forward to some surprise guests!
== Jury President ==
Nobuhiko OBAYASHI (Film Director)

== Jury Member ==
Kayoko KISHIMOTO (Actress), Keisuke HORIBE (Film Director/Actor), Kotobuki SHIRIAGARI (The Main Visual Artist for the 1st SHITA COME), Seiko ITO (SHITA COME’s General Creative Producer)

== Nominees ==
The Housesitting (2009), THE INSTINCT FOR SURVIVAL (2009), Ticket for you (2009), Nageki no Ice Candy (2009), NO EXIT (2009), Tokyo Shitamachi Brari Tanbo "Yukemuri Alien" (2009), Diary Of The DOROBO (2008), Close Encounters of a Fellow (2009), Madame Strikes Back (2009), Love Mouse (2009)

== Seiko Ito’s Recommendations ==

== Nominees ==
The Housesitting
(2009/Japan/12 min./Animation)
Director: Yusuke SAKAMOTO
Mom and Dad are out for the day. I have to housesit alone. But then, random, surreal incidents happen one after another! A work with a unique flow of images as if watching a dreamy moving picture book.

The Housesitting

(2009/Japan/4 min./Live-action)
Director: Ryo FUJII
A man washes up on a deserted island. He follows his instinct for survival and boldly takes action! But what exactly does he do? Work revealing human “basic instinct” with a keen eye.

Ticket for you
(2009/Japan/8 min. 10 sec./Live-action)
Director: Yusaku NAKAJIMA
Aiko is suddenly dumped by her boyfriend Takahiro. Left with his last words, “I have found someone else,” Aiko ran after him, but what she saw was an astounding sight! Depicted here indeed is a story of modern love.
Ticket for you

Nageki no Ice Candy
(2009/Japan /4 min. 50 sec./Animation)
Director: Kenji IWAISAWA
An ice candy tells a story of the brevity of passing summer from a unique perspective, depicted with a soft touch in a nostalgic tone. Maybe you can relate to the feeling of the ice candy?
Nageki no Ice Candy

(2009/USA/1 min. 45 sec./CG)
Director: Ritsuko NOMURA
What if you suddenly found yourself in a situation with “no exit”? But life might always be this way...? The shortest film out of the top ten nominated works.

Tokyo Shitamachi Brari Tanbo "Yukemuri Alien"
(2009/Japan/15 min./Live-action)
Director: Makoto UCHINO
A sci-fi detective story taking place at a long-established public bathhouse which actually exists in Ryusen of Taito City. A man claiming to be from the “space police” suddenly appears at the public bathhouse. He says an evil alien is hiding in the women’s bath, but he himself has a curious trait…
Tokyo Shitamachi Brari Tanbo 'Yukemuri Alien'

Diary Of The DOROBO
(2008/Japan/19 min. 55 sec./Live-action)
Director: Devi KOBAYASHI
A thief goes in for a robbery. But the wife of the house was wearing an “iron mask” at the order of her husband…! A heart-warming and full-metal love story!!!
Diary Of The DOROBO

Close Encounters of a Fellow
(2009/Japan/8 min. 45 sec./Animation)
Director: Yutaro SAWADA
A monster comes to destroy Earth. But when the monster arrives, Earth had already perished… A puppet animation that will make you burst into laughter with the well-designed distinct lines of the characters.
Close Encounters of a Fellow

Madame Strikes Back
(2008/Japan/14 min./Live-action)
Directors: Yoshikazu & Kenji Shimoi
A remastered work from Director Kenji Shimoi’s late father, Yoshikazu, who shot on 8mm film 50 years ago. How will the battle between the young lady living at a summer resort and an atrocious salesman end? FYI, the lead actress is Kenji’s mother!!
Madame Strikes Back

Love Mouse
(2009/Japan/13 min. 49 sec./Animation)
Director: Shinsaku Hidaka
A mouse is in love with some cheese. Although she is his favorite food, he dare not eat her! Then a ragtag cow appears…An animation film in English (with Japanese subtitles).
Love Mouse

== Seiko Ito’s Recommendations ==
(2009/Japan/20 min./Live-action)
Director: Ryutaro KAJINO
Maiko Yamaoka looks like a regular high school girl, but is actually made of seafood inside. She was quite enjoying her situation until Mochiro, a chef, appears. Knowing the fate of all seafood, she faces a life-or-death quandary!

Guests: Uki SATAKE, Kokoro TAKAMI, Miho MATSUSHITA, Ryutaro KAJINO

(2009/Japan/5 min. 29 sec./Live-action)
Director: Masaya KAKEHI
Yusuke and Yujiro are suffering from not having lovers because the two brothers get along too well. One day they meet the sisters Satoko and Sachiyo, who are as tight as they are and are suffering for the same reason…

Guest: Masaya KAKEHI