Festival Eve All-Night Screening Eiga Hiho Night Revival!

21 September 2009 (Mon/National Holiday) Open: 22:00/ Start: 22:30
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Collection of Way-Out Films!! Eiga Hiho Night Revival!
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Advance 2,500 yen/ At the door 3,000
(Reserved seats only)
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Hiho Night finally returns! The pandemonium festival brought with the collaboration between the Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival and the film magazine Eiga Hiho returns in this film festival! Come experience a deep night where you will question the meaning of “comedy”!! While screening three films, we also have ready an all-night rich program packed with “tondemo” (outrageous) films. During the intermissions, we will hold a public press conference for the production of Death Kappa, will host an event for Noboru Iguchi’s latest film, RoboGeisha, will show a collection of rare reels and more! The screening lineup includes the Japan premiere screening of THE HANGOVER which marked a breathtaking mega-hit, drawing in boxoffice revenue of over 200 million dollars in the US; the special screening of SUKANPIN WALK as tribute to the great achievements of actor Tatsuo Yamada who regrettably passed away this year; the Japan premiere screening of “ROBOT TAEKWON V”, an amazing national super robot animation of Korea which had not been screened in Japan for a while. Just look forward to what we have planned for you! Looking for great works? Come to the fun house! And experience the true comedy!!
 The Hangover

The Hangoverジャパンプレミア
(2009/USA/100 min./Presented by Warner Home Video)
Director: Todd Philips
A breathtaking mega-hit film which recorded box-office revenue of over 200 million dollars in the US as it drew attention with its powerful script! A group of guys party themselves away to celebrate a friend’s last day of freedom before marriage. When they get up the next day with a hangover, they do not recollect anything from the night before! To add to their surprise, the groom is missing, and in his place they find a tiger and a baby in the room!! As if that was not enough, they also get attacked by weirdoes… What on earth has happened during the blackout? Where is the groom? A great comedy that proved star cast is not the only way to a box office hit.
>The Hangover

(1984/Japan/105 min./TOHO CO., LTD.)
Director: Kazuki OMORI
Cast: Koji KIKKAWA , Tatsuo YAMADA, Yoko KATORI, Kunie TANAKA
Depicted in this film are the fragile, sentimental days of adolescence living ferociously, mainly featuring Yuji, an aspiring actor, who moved to Tokyo from the countryside, as well as other youths dreaming to become rock singers and actresses. It is a work known as the first film Koji Kikkawa starred in, but the great performance of late Tatsuo Yamada also shines in this film. It was directed by Kazuki Omori of Hear the Song of the Wind and screenplay by Shoichi Maruyama of The Beast to Die.

(1976/South Korea/79 min./KING RECORD Co., Ltd., MEDALLION MEDIA CO.)
Director: KIM Cheong-gi
Producer: YOO Hyun Mok
Screenplay by: CHI Sang-hak
Japanese-Subtitle Supervising: KODOMO SYOUJI
A robot hero animation where the main character, a world champion of taekwondo, fights on the super robot of justice, Taekwon V to prevent the Robot Army led by Dr. Carp from taking over the world. It is a national super robot animation which is said that anyone in South Korea would know about. This time, the digitally remastered copy will be screened in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of “ROBOT TAEKWON V”!