Special Screening : YEAR ONE

24 September 2009 (Thu)   Open: 18:30/ Start: 19:00
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Before the screening, Hideo Saito (the publisher of DVD Vision) will talk about the charms of the piece. Please enjoy!

Did Laughter come into the World with Mankind!?
Where will the Ancient Journey Lead to?
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Advance 1,300 yen/ At the door 1,500
(General seating)
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The latest work by Director Harold Ramis, who is also known as an actor in films such as the Ghostbusters series, takes up none other than the “origin” of mankind in a comedy where primitive men, played by Jack Black and Michael Cera, wander around in a world parodying the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament!

(2009/USA/96 min./Presented by Sony Pictures Entertainment(Japan)Inc.)
Director: Harold RAMIS
Cast: Jack BLACK, Michael CERA, Oliver PLATT, David CROS, Hank AZARIA, Harold RAMIS
In Year One, there were two primitive men, Zed and Oh, who lived with their fellow villagers in a remote land, but the two were somewhat outcasts of the village. One day, Zed gets his hands on the forbidden fruit in an attempt to prove himself. However, the news of his mischief spreads and he is exiled from the village. Zed also starts a disastrous fire out of pure carelessness and has a close escape from the angry villagers. It was Oh who saved Zed, and on their aimless journey, the two encounter figures from the Old Testament, including Cain and Abel, and Abraham and his son Isaac. Where will the journey take Zed and Oh as they wander the world of the Old Testament?