Jun Miura & Seiko Ito Presents The Sliders present a talk show “Film and Me”

18 September 2010 (Sat) Open 17:30/ Start 18:00
Asakusa Public Hall 

After its success at the 1st SHITA COME, the verbal jousting of the Sliders returns!
Jun Miura and Seiko Ito have had the greatest influence on Japanese subculture since the 1980s.
Since 1993, these two teamed up as the “Rockn’roll Sliders,” taking on the names MJ (Jun Miura) and SI (Seiko Ito), hosting slideshow events of many different styles at various locations. They periodically hosted exciting talk-battle shows, with Seiko Ito giving sharp comments to silly ideas and shots collected by Jun Miura projected on a big screen. The slides were carefully kept secret and Seiko Ito had to comment on them at first sight on stage. All their comments were improvised.
They return to SHITA COME this year with the theme “Film and Me.” Look forward to what they have ready for you! Entertainment beyond your imagination will come right at you!

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Ticket information
Advance 3,000yen/ At the door 3,500yen
(Reserved seats only)