The 3rd Comedy Award of Honor [Winner] KEI TANI

20 September 2010 (Mon/Holiday)
Shinobazu Pond Waterside Music Hall (Ueno Onshi Park Outdoor Stage)
*the Comedy Award of Honor will be celebrated at the Closing Ceremony 

The 3rd Comedy Award of Honor [Winner] KEI TANI
The Comedy Award of Honor awards individuals who provide the joy of comedy to many people. In our third year, it is our pleasure to present the award to Mr. Kei Tani. He is a member of the Crazy Cats, who are celebrating their 55th anniversary this year, as well as a comedian and actor with many faces and abundant experience. While rising to stardom with his great gag lines that have left their mark on history, he is also a legendary entertainer who continues to greatly inspire many creators. It is an honor for SHITA COME to shine the spotlight on such a great star this year!