[Comedy Film Seminar] 'The World of Music' of Enoken & Shizuko Kasagi

17 September 2011 (SAT)  Open 11:15/ Start 11:30
Ueno Tokyu 2 ACCESS

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Enoken & Shizuko Kasagi are the two bigest comedy stars of the Showa era. At the festival we will show some of their major films as well as a fun lecture. The guests will completely examine the charms of Enoken and Shizuko Kasagi, which you cannot talk about without bringing up music
The guests and talk shows are subject to change without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.
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[Prices] Advance 1,500yen/ At the door 1,800yen
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Utau Enoken Torimonocho(Enoken's Singing Detective Story)
Director : Kunio WATANABE
Cast : Kenichi ENOMOTO, Shizuko KASAGI
A modern take on history with songs and comedy presented by Enoken (as Gonza), Fujiyama (as Sukeju), and Kasagi (Gonza’s wife Osaki).
Utau Enoken Torimonocho
Enoken Kasagi no Osome Hisamatsu(Enoken and Kasagi's Osome Hisamitsu)
Director : Kunio Watanabe
Cast : Kenichi ENOMOTO, Shizuko KASAGI
A forbidden love story between a wealthy oil merchant’s daughter, Osome, and the shop’s assistant, Hisamatsu - how do they make it a lively comedy? Let’s find out.
Enoken Kasagi no Osome Hisamatsu